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Open this Sunday

we will be open this Sunday from 12-4 to help our customers affected by the flood.

Food for Thought

  BY ALAN HERSCOVICI | As someone brought up in the Canadian fur trade and who has spent much of the past 35 years studying the environmental ethic of North America’s founding industry, I am troubled by the arrogance and ignorance displayed by self-appointed “animal-rights” activists protesting the opening of the Canada Goose boutique in Soho. Responding to complaints about neighbors disturbed and consumers harassed, activists Nathan Semmel and Leonardo Anguiano recently argued in these pages that “it is solely… Read More »

Feel Warm Look Hot at Sakowitz Furs

Feel Warm Look Hot at Sakowitz Furs

Tis the season to feel warm and look hot!  No matter what you are doing this winter season, you will look better in a Fur From Sakowitz Furs.