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The importance of Cold Fur Storage explained

Fur Storage Moth damaged coat Store your fur garments in cold storage when you are done wearing it for the season or not using it. This is one of the most important steps you can take in preserving your furs. There are no rules or set dates in regard to when furs should be stored. Whenever it is warm enough outside to be done wearing a fur coat for the season is when you should put it in storage. By… Read More »

Sustainability: New Story signals a bright future for fur

Sustainability: New Story Signals a Bright Future for Fur by Alan Herscovici, Senior Researcher, Truth About Fur Sustainability is a huge plus for real fur. Photo: Mpora. The growing media and public interest in sustainability – especially among young people – provides an extraordinary opportunity for the fur trade. To understand why, think about the vital role that stories play in our lives. Because story-time is much more than those precious minutes we spend with young children at the end of… Read More »

5 Reasons Why we must wear Leather and Fur

5 Reasons Why We Must Wear Leather and Fur by Truth About Fur, voice of the North American fur trade The world is changing and, with it, our approach to consumption. As the impact of global warming worsens, many consumers are rethinking what they buy, and how much of it. “Local”, “organic” and “minimalism” are all buzzwords many of us are drawn to, and some people question the need to eat animals, or wear leather and fur. Where does that leave… Read More »

Open this Sunday

we will be open this Sunday from 12-4 to help our customers affected by the flood.