Where is your new store located?

We are now located at the corner of Post Oak and San Felipe.   Look for the Whole Foods Shopping center.  We are on the left side of the building, in between Verizon and North Italian restaurant.

What is your return policy?

Return Policy All items can be returned within 25 days for an exchange or a full refund if the original tags are still attached and the item has not been worn. Returning an Item To return an item for exchange or refund, please call to ensure your item is still returnable. Once approved, Please mail the piece back to us at 1700 Post Oak BLVD, Suite 2-140, Houston, TX 77056. BE SURE THAT YOU INCLUDE YOUR RECIPT, YOUR NAME AND… Read More »

Do you buy Used Furs?

No, we do not buy or sell used furs. WHAT WE CAN DO IS: Take your old fur as a trade in toward a new purchase!  Similar to trading in your old car, we will give you a trade in allowance toward any new purchase. or Restyle your old fur into something spectacular!  We can take the raw materials from your old coat and turn it into a jacket, vest, wrap, pillow, throw blanket, etc.  The sky is the limit… Read More »

How do I know what size to buy?

See our size chart at the bottom of the page or the “measure your perfect fit” button in the sales section to help guide you.  If the size chart isn’t helpful, please call one of our sales associates at 713-622-7947.  They will be happy to help guide your purchase.

I have bald spots on my coat. What causes that?

A furrier would have to inspect it to be sure, but it could be caused from moths or silverfish.  I would recommend having your coat professionally cleaned right away to ensure any moth larvae is destroyed.  Then, the bald spots can be replaced with new fur.

My house flooded and my coat is soaked. Can it be fixed?

In most cases the answer is yes.  Put your fur in a plastic bag and seal it tight.  Bring the coat to a furrier while it is still wet.  Will a little luck, we can re-nail and re-dress the skins before they dry and crack.

I ripped my coat. Can my seamstress sew it up for me?

Unless your seamstress has been trained to work on fur and has a fur sewing machine, the repair will not look right or hold correctly.  Professional furriers work with specific tools and machines that have been designed for fur work.

Can I take my coat to a dry cleaner?

No.  The dry cleaning process will harm the coat.  Not a year goes by that I don’t have to fix or replace a coat that a dry cleaner destroyed.  ONLY TRUST YOUR FUR TO A PROFESSIONAL FURRIER.

How do I tell if my coat is male or female skins?

Thanks to the high standards of quality set by mink farmers, it is becoming harder to tell the difference.  Male skins are typically bigger than females which will result in a smaller and narrower rows in a fully let out mink coat.  Male skins have coarser hair than the females.  The female skins are more desirable in general because they are lighter and softer.

Do I really need to clean my coat every year?

Yes!  The cleaning conditioning package does much more than just clean your coat.  It will keep the fur clear of debris that can harden in the pores of the skin and snap the hairs.  It will also recondition the pelts replenishing the natural oils that evaporate over time.  This process is essential to keeping your coat looking its best and lasting its longest.

Do you buy used coats?

No, but we will RESTYLE or RESIZE them for you.  Or we can TRADE them in toward a new purchase.  You will be surprised at the styles we can create for you out of your old coat.

Spilled some food on my coat. Can I clean it at home?

For most minor spills and stains, you can use a damp washcloth to remove the debris or stain.  If this does not work, bring it to a reputable furrier to have it professionally cleaned.  DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICALS TO CLEAN THE FUR.  Chemicals and harsh cleaners will damage the fur and dry out the pelts.  Only trust your coat to a trained furrier for cleaning.

How do I store my coat when I have it at home?

When at home, store you coat in the darkest and coldest closet you have.  Give it ample space so the fur does not get matted down.  Do not store it in a bag, unless you have a bug problem.  Bags can mat down the fur and trap moisture.  Also, make sure you have your fur coat on a proper hanger.  Broad hangers will help distribute the weight and puts less pressure on the seams of the shoulders.