Fur Care

Caring for a fur involves 3 major components.

1. Cold Storage during the summer months. This will slow down the natural aging and biodegrading of the fur pelts, helping them to last longer and look better.

2. Conditioning and Cleaning the fur at least once per year. This replenishes the natural oils that evaporate over time. It also will clear any debris or pollutants that over time damage the hair and the pelts.

3. Repair small rips and tears before they become big problems. A small rip may be unnoticeable to most people and can be fixed with just a few stitches, but if that rip grows and tears across the pelts, new fur must be added to repair the garment.

At Sakowitz Furs, we make it easy to care for your coat. Just bring it in or have it picked up every spring when you are done with it for the season. Before we place the coat in cold storage, our specialists will inspect the coat with you and address any problems that may arise.