Fur Storage in Houston, TX

We recommend Cold Storage of all fur garments, every year, during the summer months. You can also visit our Fur FAQ to learn more about keeping your fur looking its best. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Fur Facts

It is crucial that fur is stored in an environment that adjusts for humidity and maintains a temperature between 34 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sheared Rex Rabbit Jacket

Our facilities are controlled to stay within optimal storage temperatures and account for humidity levels, to ensure that your fur clothing will last for years to come and remain in top condition.

Vermin and insects pose a major risk to the quality and longevity of your fur clothing. There are a multitude of small animals and insects that will consume and destroy fur, if allowed access and remain unchecked.

Our cutting edge fur storage assets are built to repel and protect your fur items from any form of animal and insect intrusion. We regularly inspect our storage rooms to ensure that your fur clothing is safe from pests.

26 inch Cashmere Cape with Fox Trim

Fur clothing is a valuable and highly sought after commodity.

Our fur storage facility boasts some of the newest and most reliable security features and technology. Though insurance will often replace the monetary value of an item, your fur clothing may be unique or a family heirloom. We can ensure that your precious items are safe in our secure fur storage facility.

Light exposure can be harmful to fur clothing

Just like human skin, your fur clothing can be harmed by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and certain kinds of lighting. Storing your fur clothing with us will ensure that your items will not be damaged by UV lighting during the off season.

Fur clothing should not be stored in a cramped area.

You wouldn’t leave your favorite jeans crumpled up in a ball all summer. With fur, it is even more important to have a room with ample space, coupled with proper storage methods. At Sakowitz, we are fur storage experts and we know exactly how to optimally store your treasured items by treating each and every one of them with care and respect.

Make sure you have access to your clothing.

Because we offer ample and organized storage space, it allows us to easily return your garments to you, should the need arise. You never know when the weather might take a turn, or if you are forced to make last minute travel plans.

Have more questions?

Be sure to stop in and ask us how we can help you keep your precious fur clothing in optimal condition.