Discover the Ultimate Fur Care Experience at Sakowitz Furs

Are you a fur lover looking for the best place to trust with your precious furs? Look no further than Sakowitz Furs, a renowned establishment that has been providing exceptional fur care services for decades. With their expertise, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service, Sakowitz Furs stands out as the ultimate destination to have your furs serviced, cleaned, conditioned, and restyled. Let’s delve into what makes Sakowitz Furs a cut above the rest. Expertise and Experience: Sakowitz Furs boasts… Read More »

Cold fur storage

It’s fur  Storage time don’t forget to store your fur coat for the summer.  Cold storage is only $44.90 per year per garment. Cold storage is proven to slow down the aging of your fur.    We also offer restyling repairs and reconditioning. Print out this blog post and receive $10  off cold storage. We can’t wait to see you