Fur Appraisals

Protect Your Investment

After making a purchase, an appraisal should be done and updated every 2 years.

If something happens to your fur, you will need a current appraisal to present to the insurance company. (Unless you have our Fur Protection Plan)

Fur Appraisals: Insurance, Resale, or Estate Planning

Do not leave your fur under or uninsured. Your fur should be insured properly to protect against loss or theft. We advise having your fur appraised every two years to make sure you have the current assessment value of your item.

Sakowitz Furs can apprise your fur items, even if you purchased your fur from another store. Give the appraisal to your insurance agent for their records. Some insurance companies will not properly replace the full value of your fur without a recent appraisal. Also, ask your agent about relevant deductibles and depreciation values.

We also appraise fur for selling purposes. If you are interested in reselling or trading your fur at one point, bring it to us for appraisal. We will examine it and document the value to ensure you getting the fur’s full worth.

If you are planning to pass down your fur, Keep appraisals in mind during estate planning. Having official documentation for the value of your fur will benefit your family or beneficiary.

Visit Sakowitz furs today for an updated fur appraisal. Taking this simple step will protect your precious investment and prepare you to have updated information for insurance, resale, and estate planning purposes.