Fur Cleaning/Conditioning

Why you should clean and Condition your Fur Every Year.
Having your fur professionally cleaned is essential to maintaining its shine and luster through the years. Master furriers recommend taking your fur to be cleaned and conditioned at least once a year during the off-season and possibly again during winter if you wear it often or expose it to perfumes and sprays.

There are two main reasons to have your fur cleaned. The first is to remove dust, dirt and anything else that could crystalize in the pours of the pelts. Even if your coat does not look dirty, it is still important to have your fur cleaned to help prolong its life.

Secondly, professional cleaning and conditioning will retreat the hide of the pelts to help keep it soft and pliable and keep the shine on the fur. Without this process, your fur will age much faster and dry out.
A little extra dirt does not cause much of a problem with normal clothing since you can wash it normally at home or at the dry cleaner, but fur is different. These particles will latch on and dry your coat leaving it severely damaged and in need expensive repairs. This dirt must be gently removed from your fur coat.

Expert Cleaning and Conditioning
Sakowitz Furs is proud to provide cleaning and conditioning services for the Gulf coast region. Our experts are trained to clean fur and other fine items.