Benefits of Cold Storage
Cold storage is an essential part of maintaining your fur. The more time a fur coat spends in cold storage, the better. Fur is a natural organic material and it will degrade as it gets older. If the skins are not properly cared for, they can become brittle and eventually start to crack. Especially in the Gulf Coast heat and Humidity. At that point the fur is no longer repairable. Cold Storage and Conditioning help to prevent that from happening. “Cold” is the important word here. Room temperature or warmer will not do anything to slow the aging of the garment. As the temperature drops, the molecules of the pelts slow down. This in turn slows the biodegradation process

Fur Storage Season
Storage is an essential aspect of fur ownership. Storing your fur is necessary to keep it looking its best and to make it last the test of time.

When should you put your fur in cold storage? While there are no hard dates, we recommend putting your fur in Cold Storage around Easter time and Taking it our around Halloween. The general idea is for you to have your coat when it is cold and for it to be in cold storage when it is hot.

Sakowitz Furs offer premiere fur storage for the Gulf Coast area. When the right time of year arrives, we advise you to bring your furs, leathers and other luxury fabric outerwear into our salon to be placed in our state-of– the– art Cold storage vault.

Beware of Home Storage
There are several smart reasons to store your garment. The Gulf Coast area is notoriously known for extreme heat and humidity. These two factors can be detrimental to the liveness of your fur. This climate will rob your fur of its natural oils. Without these oils, your fur can become brittle and too delicate to wear. Storing your coat in a cedar closet is not a good option. Cedar will keep bugs away, but will not give you the added benefits of climate and humidity control.

Temperature and Humidity Controlled, Secure Vault
Sakowitz is proud to offer fur storage. Our location has an extensive climate controlled vault for your convenience. Don’t let your fur or leather investment wither because of dryness, moisture, or bugs.
Our fur vault gives you:
Climate and Humidity Control – We have advanced control systems in place constantly monitoring temperature and moisture levels.
Insect Protection – Our facility is sealed to protect against moths, crickets, beetles, and other vermin.
Active Security – One of the industry’s top security systems safeguard’s your furs against theft.
We understand that storing your valuable fur can be daunting. You might feel that your fur is safest when it is at home with you. Sakowitz Furs makes the safety of your furs our top priority. With over 35 years of experience, our staff is qualified to handle your garments.
If you have any questions or concerns about storage, please call or visit our store. We look forward to meeting all your fur storage needs.