Maintain your Fur coat’s integrity

No matter what the damage, Sakowitz Furs can repair your fur to like-new condition. We accomplish this with years of experience and by using specialized equipment. Do not trust your fur to just any seamstress. Year after year, we are asked to redo jobs that others have botched. Save yourself the trouble and come to us first.

Fur garments need the correct industry tools, needles, and threads to not only look their best, but to preserve the integrity of the garment.

We urge you to bring your coat in at least once a year for maintenance. Small rips can develop into substantial tears and can lead to a complete pelt of section needing replacement. The best time to have this done is in the spring when you are done wearing it for the season. Have your garment inspected, repaired (if need be), Cleaned and Conditioned, and put in Cold Storage. If you do this every year, you will always have a beautiful coat ready for action when the weather turns cold.

Sakowitz Furs is a full service furrier. We handle everything from small repairs to major overhauls. Do you have a fur you never wear? Let our experts restyle your old fur into something fresh and exciting. Inherited a coat that doesn’t fit? We can size it up, size it down, or simply tailor it to you. Our alterations department has seen it all and done it all. From floods to fires, we have fixed it all. There is no better place to have your coat expertly serviced, repaired, or tailored.

Fur repair is our specialty. Please give us a call at 713-622-7947